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Growing up I've always had a passion to create, but mainly as a way to express myself without using words. By tying in my photography and design work, I can reach a balance between both the visual and typographic worlds. I gravitate toward black-and-white work, but love using color to instill various emotions and messages as well. I have a particular interest in Layout design, such as magazines and books, to be of my main interest.

I have been pursuing my undergraduate degree in Graphic Design at Santa Monica College since 2021. Using my creative skillset prior to mastering foundational concepts for more advanced applications, I have a well-rounded creative process to produce modern and timeless works.

I am currently in pursuit of an internship to break into the field and obtain experience and further knowledge from those around me. I can bring my extensive experience in photoshop, camerawork, Illustrator, InDesign, and other skills to any creative position and team.

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